CUV Ventures Corp. (TSX-V:CUV) (the “Company”) is pleased to recap the investor conference call that was held on Thursday, March 29th. The call lasted just over two hours, with the second half being a Q&A period. The conference call supplier advised that the 800 caller limit was exceeded. The company wishes to apologize to shareholders who were unable to connect, and will seek a supplier with higher maximum caller limit for any future calls.

General overview of the conference call

Many points were discussed, with the underlying focus being to inform shareholders on how the multiple, current, and future Revolu’s, or revenue centers, will work in unison to increase user engagement, and the user base, of the RevoluPAY app. Mr. Marshall explained, in great detail, how each platform will attract users for their specific and unique offers. Whether these are: travel services, remittances and holiday cash, destination focused private business offers, phone pay-as-you-go recharges, lending offers, smart contracts and, many more organic verticals of “Revolu” offers. Conceptually, each service will require, as a pre-requisite, the download and use of RevoluPAY in order to pay. This “full circle” style rollout should engender rapid app uptake and an incremented user base, to both the proprietary, closed loop offer network and, the added advantage of, external payment and cash receiving mechanisms. Bringing RevoluPAY to market with as many money saving and life enhancing services as is possible is the key to the company’s overall mission.

Status of Revolupay App Development

The Revolupay app is in final stages of live testing across disparate geographical regions. Live mockup transactions having been successful between various devices and in multiple currencies. The app is close to being submitted to Apple and Android for final app store approval. The app will be free worldwide. The Company is targeting the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico as its initial targets, using a “master license” system. Mr. Marshall advised of his meetings, during his trip to Vancouver, with the corporate council and an external licensing legal firm, to finalize the wording of the license agreement. He also advised that these legal teams promised a final version within 8 business days from 27th March 2018.

The app is set to penetrate the world travel and remittance markets. The app displays balances in both the originating loaded fiat currency and, the corresponding internal CCU Coin Cryptotoken amount. Shareholders have been provided with visuals of Beta 1 and 2 versions of this groundbreaking app, presently in final stages of development with world renowned app creator and, significant shareholder; UXS Mobile (of Mc Donald’s, Red Bull, EvoBank, etc. app fame). The entire development of the app is fully paid to both Vesilen (Insider) and UXS Mobile (notable shareholder).

Revolupay Europe EDE

The company is in the final stages of incorporating the aforementioned wholly owned European subsidiary. Mr. Marshall signed two specific powers of attorney while in Vancouver, in favor of director Alfredo Manresa, which required official translation and consulate apostile. The time estimate for final completion is 14 calendar days from Monday 26th March. Revolupay Europe will be headed by European resident, CUV Ventures Director and veteran banking professional, Alfredo Manresa, who will act as director of the sister company. The subsidiaries function will be to handle the worldwide “load” or, inbound funds, onto app users’ wallets, in conjunction with licensed international correspondent banks and Revolupay Europe chosen banking partner Bankia. Revolupay Europe is to immediately pursue its own EDE (electronic money institution) European banking License. Initially, until the said license has been obtained, the company is in the closing stages of signing an agreement with one of Europe’s largest EDE licensed entities. Through this partner, wallet loading is already considerably lower in cost than the 2% initially anticipated. Revolupay Europe has also opened its first bank account with Bankia, currently Spain’s 4th largest bank. The company has chosen Bankia because it is a major purveyor of bank emitted remittances into South American markets and, promises to be a venerable partner with the non-home delivery remittances.

The launch of RevoluFIN financing platform

The lending platform was officially launched on March 21st, 2018. RevoluFIN obtained its initial seed capital guarantee of up to 40 million Euros (approx 63 million CAD) on the 12th of March from Vesilen Investments. The RevoluFIN finance platform provides payment facilities for commercial Letter of Credit (LC) holders and secured short term financing requirements. Further, the platform focuses upon stimulating the nascent self-employed economies around the world, including travel related services, sold through the company’s proprietary and partner websites, giving these entrepreneurs access to much needed capital, while securitizing loans through pre-booking retentions associated with future paid travel service reservations. The Company has received and thus far, garnered interest from 5 separate international entities seeking factoring loans. Several potential lenders have also contacted the company through the website and are communicating with management. The RevoluFIN proprietary financing platform facilitates short to medium terms loans and factoring for commercial transactions, to both private and corporate businesses, chiefly in the travel and leisure sectors. RevoluFIN has already received multiple requests for loans and is in the process of studying these opportunities. The company expects to obtain, on average, a 5% gross profit on loans.

CUV Ventures Corp partner Tyrval, a major worldwide supplier to the hospitality industry, has also begun submitting numerous factoring requests, for orders from a large Spanish Hotel Chain that is refurbishing 5 hotels and building two new ones. All loans, linked to Tyrval, hold the secondary advantage of an extra 6% royalty on all sales, over and above the loan interest, as per the exclusive commercial agreement announced on the 22nd March 2017.

Highlights of the RevoluFIN Platform

  • Up to 40 million Euros (63 million Canadian dollars) available for financing
  • Annualized interest to seed capital investor partners 8-9.5%
  • Approximate annualized commercial loans at 13-14.5%
  • Numerous loan requests received and being studied by the risk committee
  • New seed capital investor interest received
  • Active website generating significant early interest
  • Worldwide marketing via proprietary, equity partners and third parties
  • The significant competitive advantage for the company’s travel division partners


RevoluVIP is in late stage development to become the world’s most exclusive travel club. RevoluVIP offers three levels of membership:

Diamond – $249 USD

Gold – $199 USD

Silver – $99 USD

Diamond members of RevoluVIP obtain the absolute lowest possible wholesale price for any given travel service. Gold members receive heavy discounts; in the range of 15-50% lower than standard retail travel websites. Silver members get 5-14% discounts. Membership is annual, with secure member login, and members can include multiple direct family members on one membership plan. RevoluPAY App users receive additional benefits when paying for travel services using their digital wallet. RevoluVIP is being developed and is planned to be launched in 2018.

On the call, Mr. Marshall reminded shareholders that the company has successfully obtained the GDS XML distribution license from Amadeus (which likewise offers immediate access to Travelport and Sabre), and that the company is poised to receive its wholesale IATA license. He also advised that an internal development team has begun the web programming, and that the company plans to use 134 country name websites, owned by a related party and which it plans to lease exclusively, to create a worldwide network, one-country-one-website theory, such as and, and over 130 more country specific websites. This unique approach to world travel, with specific world and country destination websites, displaying all national offers on one nation based website, allied to Exclusive Club member rates, easy RevoluPAY payment and local currency delivery facilities, should provide consumers with an irresistible suit of services that have never been united before. CUV’s Chief software engineer and Mr. Manresa meet with Amadeus executives on Friday 06th April at Amadeus World Headquarters in Madrid, Spain, to finalize the rollout strategy. CUV expects to launch country websites in groups of 10 nations per month, for a total of 14 months, focusing the rollout on per nation travel income, to craft a chronology analogous to maximum feasible revenue. The shareholder should note that each website group will be 100% active and revenue generating from launch. The (Global Branded) RevoluVIP website will allow access to basic offers in every nation, then driving visitor traffic to the main national website for national extended offers. This model not only increases the likelihood of augmented internet traffic to over 135 nationally named websites but also means that each national website can display weighty offers for that country that can be difficult to find and promote on the “one-size-fits-all” current travel marketing strategy, used by competitors.

Pending Negotiations with Al-Fahim and Bhavani Corp.

Negotiations with both groups, in regard to adding additional seed capital (adding to the CAD $63M raised from Vesilen Investments) to the RevoluFIN, are still in progress. Mr. Marshall explained that, since the launch of RevoluFIN and the immediate interest in the platform, the company is aware of the uniqueness of this proprietary platform and its ability to obtain seed financing at rates equal to, or lower than, the 9.5% agreed with Vesilen. The company will strive to obtain a better spread for shareholders as it advances with all possible seed finance partners. Mr. Marshall also explained to shareholders that a self imposed “cap”, of 200 million Canadian dollars, for the first year, will assist the company in showing an augmented proof of concept, as loans are issued and settled. The company feels that the ensuing next phase of +200 million, will allow it to further reduce seed capital interest rates, while at the same time increasing the company’s spread from current 5%, to a higher amount, in the interest of shareholders. The CEO also reminded shareholders that RevoluFIN is a proprietary system on which the company places intrinsic value that must be both implicit and recognized by seed partners and borrowers alike.

Travel & Media Revenue

Mr. Marshall informed shareholders that the pre/post Hurricane Irma took its toll in the past financial quarter. He candidly advised shareholders that, while many companies in the region fell deeply into the red, due to the economic effects of these natural phenomena, CUV still posted a small profit from its travel division, despite the drastically reduced revenue in the quarter, chiefly because structural changes were quickly enacted as the hurricane approached, reducing costs and financial risk for the company. These measures were removed in October, subsequently, the company returned to normal operations in November 2017, as the next quarter will demonstrate.

About CUV Ventures Corp.:

CUV Ventures Corp. is a multi-asset, multidivisional publicly traded Canadian company deploying advanced technologies in the; Online Travel, Vacation Resort, Mobile Apps, Money Remittance, Invoice factoring, Crypto Mining, Blockchain Systems, and Cryptotoken sectors.

Our flagship technology is RevoluPAY®, the Apple, and Android multinational remittance app, powered by blockchain protocols, and aimed at the worldwide + $595 billionfamily remittance market.

The ₡CU Coin Cryptotoken, allied to RevoluPAY®, promises to be the coin of choice for remittance senders, travelers, and the hospitality industry. Its increasing adoption across several spheres exemplifies its international perspective and future value amongst users.

The company’s FinTech division continues to expand into this rapidly emerging segment, in which it; manages, operates and develops end-to-end digital platforms to monetize the blockchain ecosystem across a broad spectrum of leisure related industries, remittances, and finance.

A diverse division of the company, named Cuba Ventures, is involved in Caribbean Basin strategic investments. Similar to the United States NASDAQ listed Herzfeld Fund, the focus is to control noteworthy assets related to the Caribbean Basin (including Cuba). The division is comprised of numerous assets. A wholly owned subsidiary Travelucion Media is a duly licensed and bonded online travel company, Amadeus GDS affiliated, digital and print media powerhouse that specializes in travel marketing, electronic reservations, and online booking solutions. Travelucion owns a vast portfolio of web assets consisting of 432 Cuba-centric websites in up to 5 languages which generate over 35 million page-views per year and direct traffic to Travelucion’s online booking and e-commerce sites and proprietary online booking systems, also customized for white label deployment on third party booking websites for; Cayman Islands, Dominican republic, Aruba, Bahamas, BVI, Belize, Antigua, Jamaica and Cuba, offering bookings for hotels, private residences, car rentals, tours, flights and a variety of other types of specialized travel services.

In 2017, the company acquired equity in the Florida, USA based, licensed and bonded travel agency; International Business & Travel Opportunities, LLC (IBTO), a Caribbean Basin focused travel facilitator operating trips in the region (including licensed Cuba trips for Americans).

In 2018, the company acquired equity in the Florida, USA based, Third Circle Publishing LLC, publisher of the esteemed and U.S circulated print and digital magazine Cuba Trade Magazine. CUV Ventures Corp owns an interest in some important print and digital media assets, reaching 10s of millions of consumers globally.

In 2018, the company acquired equity in the Toronto; Canada based, FINTRAC licensed, remittance company, Duales Inc. as part of the RevoluPAY® remittance app partner network.

In 2018, the company acquired equity in the Miami, USA based, Business advisory/consultant think-tank Havana Consulting Group, as part of the progressive acquisition of key Cuba related but, non domiciled, businesses.

The Cuba Ventures division consulting team harnesses over 80 years of combined advisor experience in submitting and, obtaining approval, for joint ventures, joint production agreements, and import/export permits for foreign enterprises. More recently the company has taken a royalty approach for future agreements between third parties anxious to begin comercial operations with Cuba and, the company’s Cuba Consulting Unit.

Through this methodology, the Company is gradually building a potentially valuable “future-ready”, non Caribbean (Cuba) domiciled asset base while, in the interim, securing revenue, growth and unique opportunities present in the Caribbean Basin, with an emphasis on the $4 billion dollar and rapidly growing Cuban travel and tourism industry, $3 billion factoring and FinTech sector, $18.6 billion Caribbean remittance industry and international corporate consulting for Cuba’s estimated $86 Billion annual economy, which remains an interesting opportunity and, one that this division strives to dominate at every opportunity by acquiring assets that are neither physically domiciled nor associated with entities located in the Republic of Cuba but, that have unparalleled future takeover prospects, should the political climate improve.

For further information on CUV Ventures Corp. (TSX-V:CUV) visit the Company’s website at The Company has approximately 123,000,000 shares issued and outstanding.

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